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Fail to Live Everyday

Ever tired of living.???I’m…EverydayI’m invisible to peopleNo matterHow hard I tryThey always leave meIn a pit of anxiety


If you search for my scars You can see a few from my quest for validation, quite few from my persistence for not settling in mediocre, too much from people I loved. And at the end of my story A river emerged from me. From my bottom stomach cutting through my ribs and lungs itContinue reading “River”

Deeply Hurting Regret

For a very long time, I was contemptuous to women who aren’t their own. To the ones who lived on their father’s help or spouse’s support. I always felt pitty for them. In a free world, why these woman still living in support.??? But it turned out to be the deepest regret in my life.Continue reading “Deeply Hurting Regret”

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